The Guilded Cage of the Golden Rule

So, I notice that almost everyone has this self-image that they are good. They do their best. They’re fair and reasonably nice. They follow the golden rule for the most part, sort of. Y’know, like everybody.

And yet I find myself really drawn to certain groups and they’re groups of outcasts. Not outcasts. Not groups. Groups of outcasts. And I feel WEIRD around people who haven’t hung around groups of outcasts very much. I find them difficult to talk to and awkward. Because every time I mention being different from them (in any number of ways: poorer, feminist, theater kid, mom, Halloween) they suddenly get very nervous. Or defensive. Or both. And suddenly things get… awkward. This sometimes happens with folks who aren’t really group savvy, but it happens a lot less with people who are used to hanging out with diverse groups.

Know why? Because everybody wants to be a good person. Continue reading